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Grace for Northstar Pantry in Loveland Read more

Grace for Northstar Pantry in Loveland

Suzanne Bair

I have a family member who has been a recipient of help from the Northstar Community of Grace Church in Loveland. The church has a care center that serves a meal and opens their "pantry" to those in need every other Wednesday. They are in the process of growing their care center and planning to make it available more days per week. I was blessed to be the conduit for Good Shepherd to give the check I received to Northstar. I have seen first hand the people in need in my community, and how happy they are to receive help when they come in to the care center and leave with necessary items for daily living. Thank you Good Shepherd for allowing me to see how this gift can help others in need.


Helping Kids and Dogs through 4 Paws for Ability Read more

Helping Kids and Dogs through 4 Paws for Ability

Ruggiero Family

After receiving the $500 check, we talked with our kids about what kinds of organizations/groups we could give the money to. In the end they decided they wanted to give the money to an organization/group that helps kids and or dogs. So after doing a little research we found the organization, 4 Paws for Ability. This organization provides service dogs to children with disabilities worldwide.


Stories from the Edge House Read more

Stories from the Edge House

Edge House Stories

Of approx. 24 checks distributed that night , we have the following: One student donated to a handful of GoFundMe’s for people who clearly noted that their home life was bad and they were working on ways to get out (related to her own experience) Another donated both her check and her boyfriend’s check to her sister who has been struggling for the past few months and whose fiancé (now husband) had an unexpected surgery that they weren’t sure how to afford A grad student from China used it for herself as she had been concerned about how they’d afford their last month’s rent before returning to China. One student and some of his friends sponsored and worked at a soup kitchen at Queen City Kitchen, serving 100 homeless folks. They’re hoping to go back monthly. Another gave it to the ACLU Two students gave theirs to a housemate who has been struggling with paying her tuition. This money gave her some breathing room. One gave his to a homeless friend he made. One of the students donated his to MyCincinnati which supports school music programs Another gave it his to a friend, who is struggling and who is living off their financial aid. Another student gave his to the Anglican Relief and Development Another gave his to a friend who was struggling to get into better housing.


Support for Orphans in Ecuador Read more

Support for Orphans in Ecuador

Jim and Sue Greene

We matched our $100.00 check and donated $200 Euros to the MJM Ecuador foundation. The foundation’s mission is for the support of the Santa Maria de la Esperanza orphanage in Olon, Santa Elena, Ecuador. MJM was founded by Ewin Musper, who was a customer of mine. Erwin was a recording engineer/record producer from Holland who has worked with many renowned international artists. He lived in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky before retiring to Olon and a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. One day Erwin and his wife visited the orphanage near their home and he immediately dedicated his life to serving the children that live there. The children are abandoned and often dropped off there by the police. They arrive malnourished, sick and sometimes injured. No child is turned away and they receive food shelter, education (many are illiterate and need to be educated enough to be able to go to school at the appropriate grade level for their age). They receive loving care and soon become happy and healthy children. The orphanage is their family. The MJM foundation does fundraising to provide for the needs of the children from food and shelter to utilities such as reliable electric and water supplies, refrigeration for their food, music lessons, clothing and special events. I encourage you to check the MJM website for more details on this wonderful place!


The Boldly Bearcat Bands Instrument Fund. Read more

The Boldly Bearcat Bands Instrument Fund.

Casey family

When we received our check from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, we were not sure what we would do with it. Then we remembered how impactful the experience was for both our children who were members of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands throughout their undergraduate time at UC. We contacted the band director and learned they have an active instrument fund campaign. We thought that was perfect because we could give our check to a cause that would allow a student to enjoy the same band experience our children had by using a school loaned instrument where they cannot afford an instrument of their own. We matched the amount of the check given to us by the church and thank Good Shepherd for providing this impetus for us to give to a cause we would not have otherwise known about.


Interfaith Hospitality Network Read more

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Christine Jarman

After seeing a request from Interfaith Hospitality Network about the need to find foster families for the pets of families being served by IHN, I knew this was where my gift was meant to go as a way to remember my dog Abby, who I had just lost after 13 years. To those of us who have or have had pets, you understand they are part of the family.....always there to play, snuggle, go for a walk, car rides and all life's events and adventures. Knowing that IHN honors these relationships touched me deeply. This gift will hopefully give families hope and comfort that their pet is being cared for and will soon be able to rejoin the family.


A Gift for Center for Respite Care in Cincinnati Read more

A Gift for Center for Respite Care in Cincinnati

Tina and Dick Morawski

Our check from Good Shepherd was donated to the Center for Respite Care in Cincinnati., which serves homeless people who have been hospitalized and need further sheltered care as they recover. We learned of this organization from GSLC member Bea Broder-Oldach who has served as a street chaplain for many years. At her suggestion, the Piecemakers group will direct the year’s lap quilts to the Center for Respite Care.


Multiplying Grace for Operation Give Back! Read more

Multiplying Grace for Operation Give Back!

Heppler Family

Our family decided to donate our gift to Operation Give Back (OGB). The organization was started by a family in our neighborhood to help Sycamore school students through tutoring, mentoring, literacy help, school supplies, a food pantry and holiday toys and food. The programs help kids in our local community to be successful in school and to not go hungry. Our family has volunteered with OGB and we felt that the gift, including our matching donation and my company’s match will multiply Good Shepherds and Gods grace threefold to make a bigger impact on our community.


Mothers, Mentors, and Missionaries Read more

Mothers, Mentors, and Missionaries

Buelsing Family

Inspired by the ways the Holy Spirit has touched each of our lives, we sent the money in some different and personal directions.

We had heard of the concept of spreading love and goodwill to others by randomly paying for someone else’s order in the drive-through lane of a fast food restaurant. It appealed to us because the exchange is such a real-life example of the way God’s grace is given and received. The gift has a cost, but it is freely given, and the recipient happily receives it without needing to earn it. We also liked the thought that we were not choosing who would receive the gift, and were actually leaving it up to God. We can’t know how the recipient will react to this gift, but we hope that they will read the included note and receive a reminder of how God’s love works. A portion of the Gods Grace Your Hands money has been given this way.

Through a friend we had also heard about the Mentoring Plus program in Northern Kentucky. This faith-based organization chooses those youth who are the most needy and provides guidance, help, support and love. We knew they would help many disadvantaged youth and their families with GGYH gift money.

Another portion was given to the International Help of Missionaries organization. This organization has grown out of one man’s desire to help missionaries in Africa and his impressive ability to make things happen. A few years ago this organization was referred to Mark for a simple website to explain how people could help. IHM has paid to drill water wells, they started a school and a health-care clinic and helped in countless other ways. Through some unusual circumstances and chance connections and the Holy Spirit, they were able to completely fill the clinic with medical equipment from a phased-out clinic in New York. Right now they are trying to source an ambulance to support the clinic. For the people near the clinic, it will be the only medical help they will ever receive. IHM received a significant portion of our gift to carry on their good work.

After careful consideration of many organizations that do so much good in our world, Danelle’s thoughts turned to MOPS International. A friend had introduced her to MOPS when our first child was about a year old, and MOPS provided her with information, support, friendship and spiritual growth for the next 8 years and more than a few significant life events. Out of appreciation for the impact that MOPS had on our family and a desire for other mothers to benefit from the support they provide, we chose to donate a portion of our gift to MOPS International.

Our family has participated with many outreach opportunities through Good Shepherd to improve the lives of those around us. The experience of re-giving money from Good Shepherd was unique and moving. Since we as a family deliberated and chose the gift recipients ourselves, we felt God’s Grace flowing through our hands and into the lives of people we knew would really benefit from receiving them. God’s love touched us in the giving as much as it touched those who received.


Please add a story title Read more

Please add a story title

Cher Deckner

Praise be to God and His many blessings! I was so fortunate to receive and be blessed to "pay forward" a generous gift as a portion of a very generous give from a wonderful member and original donor! For this "pay forward" of my gift I chose The Yellow Ribbon Support Center, the Center started by Keith Maupin in honor of his captured and murdered son Keith "Matt" Maupin inthe service to his country. Captured April 9th, 2004, his remains were brought back by his fellow soldiers and buried in Gate of Heaven Cemetary in Montgomery. This gift will help for our annual April 9th Scholarship Dinner or mailings of snacks , toiletries and other items; that we collect to our military soldiers. Till They All Come Home.


More Support for Operation Give Back Read more

More Support for Operation Give Back

Jim Jowanovitz

Our deliberations went all over the place. From the environment, to hunger, to animals. In the end, we decided to match our gift of $100 with another $100 and support Operations Give Back. OGB works with under severed students and their family in the Sycamore School district. OGB's mission is to strive for educational equity and provide community outreach to students and families in need, inspiring all to realize their full potential and GIVE BACK to society. It felt right to help those in our community. We know the funds will make a positive difference in someone's life... which is God's Work... in our Hands.


Spreading the Grace Around! (5 ways!) Read more

Spreading the Grace Around! (5 ways!)

Kellie Grabenbauer

Our family received a $500 check on God's Grace, Our Hands Sunday. The 5 of us each had immediate ideas and plans for where this money could bless others. Immediate and VERY DIFFERENT ideas! Our children are old enough to be passionate about causes and programs that intersect with their lives. After much thought and prayer, we divided our gift equally among our family members and sent our gifts to the following organizations: *DanceBlue, a student dance marathon that benefits the Kentucky Children's Hospital Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic *Lighthouse Youth & Family Services, Safe & Supported Program to assist homeless LGBTQ youth in the Cincinnati area *Feed Our Flock, which provides weekend food backpacks and rolling snack/food carts to address hunger needs in the Milford Schools *Gary Sinise Foundation to provide direct assistance to our country's veterans and their families *Cleats for Kids Ohio who provides sports equipment and athletic shoes in low income areas to allow/promote participation in team sports Thank You Good Shepherd for giving us this opportunity to share our gifts to bless others!


Responding to Unsung Heroes Read more

Responding to Unsung Heroes

Don Robke & Wendy Eilbacher

When we originally received the check from Good Shepherd we were awestruck. We had never experienced that type of generosity. Both Wendy and I knew that we wanted to use this opportunity to support individuals who are quietly helping in the local community with little recognition and without publicity. After a lot of soul searching and prayer, we decided to give the money in the form of cash and gift cards to the staff of the Deer Park School District. The teachers there frequently encounter students that come to school hungry and having nothing to eat for lunch or dinner. So a gift card to Kroger or IGA is a true blessing to these young people. Shoes and clothing are often issues as well. So a percentage of the money went to purchase items for their clothing room where the students can come with their parents and pick out items they need without embarrassment. The staff at Deer Park Schools who help these families are truly ‘unsung heroes’ and we feel blessed to be able to help them.


God's Auspicious Work Read more

God's Auspicious Work

Daniel Hickman

I used to volunteer at the 86 coffee bar, a delightful community gathering place right next to UC's campus. One day while sitting in the coffee shop before my shift, a regular, Carol, came in, clearly having a rough day. Carol is a genial lady perhaps in her 40s who always dresses well and provides refreshing conversation for the baristas. She sat down next to me and inquired about the book I was reading. I explained to her that I was reading "Conversations with God" and that it was written by a man who was very angry with God because of all the hardship and pain he had experienced -- he had poor health, broken relationships, and was homeless for a time -- even though he was striving to know and follow God. He wrote an angry letter to God, venting out all his frustrations, and as he finished, he got a response -- the pen started writing of its own accord, and God answered him -- an answer which turned into an extended dialogue. As I spoke, I noticed Carol was deeply shaken, something I said caused her eyes to well with tears. Through quiet sobs and dabs at her mascara she confessed she felt just like this man -- her last few nights were spent in the rain, outside, wherever she could find marginal shelter; her life was crumbling around her without any consistent place to rest; her search for a job using her past experience and degree had been unfruitful for months. Things were falling apart and God hadn't been much help. Later, after many more conversations with Carol, we both look back at this happenstance as God's auspicious work. We both received spiritual encouragement as we discussed God's purpose for us in our lives, and prayed over Carol's struggles with work, housing, and relationships. I gave the $100 check to Carol because I knew she could, and would, use it to get herself to a better place where she could also be a betterment to others. Some takeaways from my time with Carol: A) God will use (seemingly) random encounters and events in our lives IF we are willing to be generous with our time. B) Generosity is easy when you realize that there really is plenty -- that God is providing and will always provide more than enough, so I needn't be rushed or too busy or too poor to give. C) You never know who might be struggling through oppressive burdens. No one would have the faintest idea that Carol was homeless unless she told them. "Homelessness" comes in many, many forms, including those like Carol who never does drugs, works part-time, always looks professional, has a career, and has multiple degrees.


Support for LAM Research Read more

Support for LAM Research

Dawn & Bob Haugom

Can you say Lymphangioleiomyomatosis? Most people cannot pronounce the word including many doctors. As a result the disease is commonly referred to using the acronym LAM. It is a rare lung disease, afflicting only women, often during child bearing years. Basically, the disease destroys the lungs ability to absorb oxygen eventually requiring the use of pure oxygen, perhaps a lung transplant or many times becomes fatal. There is a local LAM Foundation, actually started in Cincinnati, coordinating the efforts to define the cause of this disease and fund research to find a cure.. To date, a cause or a cure has not been identified, but the research efforts continue. Hundreds of research doctors are involved. All of this vast effort needs funding and we have contributed our Hands Helping funds to this foundation in hopes of helping to find a cure for this disease. Why do we love this foundation? Dawn is a charter member of this group of women having been diagnosed in 1993, with the prognosis of ten more years. She has participated in many research protocol’s through the years, involving numerous trips to the National Institutes of Health in Washington. She has been blessed in that the disease has not moved to its advance stages. God has been very good to us.


Multiplying Grace for A Child's Hope International Read more

Multiplying Grace for A Child's Hope International

Vicki Schapp

We cashed the gift to make a payment directly to A Child's Hope International (Hands Against Hunger) so it could be matched by my company. As part of this we'll buy 10 cases of Promise Water, which will provide 1000 gallons of clean drinking water and help with shipping nutritious meals to third world countries like Puerto Rico, Swaziland, and many more. We plan on selling the bottles of water, which should produce another $240, which we will give more to A Child's Hope International and other needs that God will put on our hearts. So in the end we will leverage our initial $100 gift and turn it into at least $440 and maybe more plus spread the word about how Hands Against Hunger helps families.


The Deep Well Project Read more

The Deep Well Project

Karen and Mike Mazzei

Like Tracey's story, as a member of council, we had a little extra time to consider where to share our God's Work donation. That did not make the decision any easier! I wanted to help those in poverty, perhaps the homeless, but also help with a group that adds community to their lives. After some research I discovered The Deep Well Project, a volunteer run agency in our winter-time community of Hilton Head Island. The Deep Well Project was founded in 1973, digging wells to provide clean, safe water for the Hilton Head Island community. Since then, it has been the source of emergency assistance to the local community and is supported by individuals, businesses, religious institutions, foundations, clubs, schools and various other organizations. They no longer dig wells, but serve the marginalized in our community with money to pay bills, a food pantry, laundry and shower facilities, home repair help, children's programs, and much more. We matched the church's $100 check and I have volunteered to help in the pantry on Fridays this winter. I can't wait to see what God has in store.


A Gift of Grace and A Request for Additional Prayer Read more

A Gift of Grace and A Request for Additional Prayer

The Long Family

What an incredible gift it is to receive and be able to share God's Grace! Since I am a member of our Church Council, I had lots of time to think about this program and the many possiblities for how our family could share God's Grace. Maybe too much time- the needs are broad and deep and choosing one feels like a decision to neglect another. Our family felt called to reach someone whose needs were at risk of being overlooked- who doesn't fit into the "system" of charitable support yet is in need of a helping hand. One of my friends who is deeply compassionate and always a champion for others shared on Facebook about a family in need in my community. She sought support for them by reaching out on Facebook saying "the mom struggles with severe health issues and is truly unable to work and the kids' father has a terminal diagnosis with limited time left...this is going to be an incredibly difficult holiday season for this family and I want so much for them to know they are not alone..." I knew this was where God wanted His love and grace to be experienced. My friend cried tears of gratitude for this gift which she will deliver to this family- sadly, yet somehow seemingly on God's timing- just as they grieve the loss of their husband and father. Will you please join us in praying for this family, and all families, facing difficult days ahead, especially holidays?


When Opportunity Presents Itself Read more

When Opportunity Presents Itself

Chris and Dave Schriever

After receiving a $100 check, we tossed around all kinds of random ideas. We decided that we wanted to help a person or family directly, although we weren’t sure who or how. We even carried the check around for awhile thinking an opportunity would present itself. Without really thinking about it, I mentioned it to our guidance counselor at school. I can’t go into detail, but she helped place the check in the hands of a very grateful family at the right time.


Support for Discipleship Through Teen Challenge Read more

Support for Discipleship Through Teen Challenge

John & Melissa Gaskey, Luke & Elise

Several years ago, we were invited to attend a breakfast fund raising event for Teen Challenge Cincinnati. Established in 1972, Teen Challenge is a faith based residential program for men and women, ages 18 and up, struggling with drug addiction and other life-controlling issues. During the breakfast program, we were moved by the stories from young men and women who shared their past struggles and their redemption through the relational discipleship and counseling of the residential program. It was also at that morning’s breakfast when we learned that our neighbors, Char and Gordon Lumley faithfully ministered at the residential program for more than 25 years. With much family discussion and prayerful discernment, we decided to donate the $100 gift from our congregation to Teen Challenge Cincinnati. As a family, we decided to triple the original gift. We wanted to honor our neighbors for their service and support the men and women who seek physical and spiritual renewal at Teen Challenge Cincinnati. The Gaskey Family


Help and Hope for MEAC Read more

Help and Hope for MEAC

The Hatcher family

Ava, Alex and I decided to gift our check to the Madisonville Education and Assistance Center (MEAC). We were introduced to MEAC when Ava's girl scout troop helped with their food pantry. We were impressed with the much needed services they provided. MEAC's mission is to offer help and hope to our neighbors in crisis. They provide immediate help with basic needs and also provide education for ongoing, continued support. Offering help and hope is exactly what Good Shepherd wanted to help spark with the "God's Grace Your Hands" campaign so we thought MEAC was the perfect place to receive this gift.


Multiplying Gifts to 1N5 and Step Up Anderson Read more

Multiplying Gifts to 1N5 and Step Up Anderson

The Schwarz Family

What a tremendous way to give… this wonderful idea from the GSLC stunned us. The church gave all the congregation families money to give to any person, organization or cause, showing love and care to make the world a better place. Immediately after receiving the $250 check, our family started brainstorming what and how to give to something for a change and be of help. Our youngest son, Johannes, whose high school lost two students to suicide within two weeks of one another this March, felt strongly our gift should go to 1N5. This organization is Cincinnati-based and works to spread awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. The name comes from the fact that 20% of youth aged 13-18, live with a mental health condition, an issue surrounded by stigma. In addition, we’ve also shared our gift with a local organization in our area called “Step up Anderson”. A group of mothers originally started it, trying to stop substance abuse among young people. It is a growing problem and the substance misuse impacts entire communities, Ohio the second-most impacted state in the nation. Their work, effort, and commitment is for the health, safety, and well-being of young people. The other great news is that the company Hans works for will double the $250 check with their matching gift program making the total gift $500 so that each organization receives $250. Thank you GSLC and “Gods Grace Your Hands” for this opportunity to share God’s gifts to help others!


Help For Refugees in Cincinnati Read more

Help For Refugees in Cincinnati

Harms Family

Our family had several ideas up on our refrigerator (each of us had picked one) and we couldn't seem to agree. Our 12 year old son came home from school one day and was talking about studying about Refugees. After some discussion, we decided to donate to Refugee Connect in Cincinnati.



A Little Light for A Friend In Need Read more

A Little Light for A Friend In Need

Vic & Laurie VanDrake

When we were blessed with this gift from Good Shepherd we both said what an amazing idea this was and we were not surprised that the church came up it, Good Shepherd is just that a good shepherd! We both said the name of our friend at the same time! Her husband has been disabled from his home construction job and was on disability but then it was taken away and they just gave up the fight. He truly is disabled and in a power chair and like many of us very proud and trying to get along as best they can. We have been helping them along the way. Her sister was hit by a semi truck while she was on her motorcyle. It was her fault, blacked out, and she has survived but she is going through so much with pain and more surgeries. She just suffered the loss of her long time boyfriend. Was left with nothing because they never got married. Also, a rough situation. Our friend is now caring for her sister and husband and tries to work cleaning homes and offices. She is most kind and a wonderful caretaker. We pray for strength for her and them all along this journey. We matched this gift and they were truly thankful that we would bless them. Their furnace is failing and their oven is out. The list goes on and on. You may know someone just like them. They want to thank everyone at Good Shepherd and so do we! Thank you for this opporunity to bless people!



Support for Adoptions Read more

Support for Adoptions

Julie and Tim Zaring

Child adoption is a wonderful journey. We know several families brought together by adoption. In today's world there are fewer and fewer children to be adopted. The agencies that provide the service are extremely expensive into the thousands of dollars for the hopeful adopting parents. We gave our gift to a wonderful couple to apply towards that cost. They are are starting that journey and are a loving christian couple.


Removing Barriers through Crayons To Computers Read more

Removing Barriers through Crayons To Computers

Kevin & Kristen Johnson

When our family opened up a check for $250, we were excited to do good right away, but struggled to agree on the right recipient. We wanted to find a local charitable cause… but had differing opinions from there. Our youngest child and animal lover wanted to help homeless pets. Other ideas involved a local food pantry and a child literacy program, and then came Hurricane Dorian… all worthy causes. Finally, we arrived at a consensus and allocated the check to Crayons to Computers ( This organization donated over $8 Million in school supplies last year through their Teacher Free Store on Tennessee Avenue where teachers near Cincinnati, including those from Taft Elementary, can come shop for free school supplies. We knew that for every $1 we donated, it creates $10 worth of school supplies and that last year alone the supplies supported over 2300 teacher shopping visits. With a 3rd & 6th grader in the house, we could all rally around reducing barriers which prevent kids from learning, and helping motivated teachers spark a passion for learning. To create a compounding effect, our family matched the GSLC donation, and submitted for “company matching funds” to essentially quadruple the impact on Crayons to Computers. Due to safety regulations in their warehouse environment, our kids were unable to physically participate in volunteer day at C2C, but they came up with another idea… making baked goods which they will deliver and personally thank the volunteers at Crayons to Computers. A final note about this charity, tying in with the recent sermon on the 10th leper (or perhaps “former-leper”)… the one who came back to thank and praise Jesus after being healed. We have been blessed to donate to C2C before, and were amazed by the number of thank-you notes which come back from teachers and students alike. Not trying to compare a mere cash donation to divine healing, but it warms the heart to read a hand-written note of thanks from a child who might otherwise not have the paper or pencil to write it.


Spreading Grace in Three Directions Read more

Spreading Grace in Three Directions

Ann, Will and Lily Walker

This experience encouraged a lively dialogue in our home about our responsibility as Christians to serve others and promote justice and how we can do that in a variety of ways. Our family decided to split our check 3 ways. We wanted to support Panama City as they continue to rebuild from Hurricane Michael. After some research, we found Family Service Agency is a non-profit that serves individuals and families in Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson and Washington Counties with a variety of assistance programs. They have very little overhead and are staffed mostly by volunteers (our Aunt Alice being one). We also donated to Common Ground where we hope it removes social and physical barriers and sparks a sense of adventure in us all. ”Common Ground is an all-inclusive playground designed to encourage children and adults of all levels and abilities to interact with each other. Common Ground is about much more than simply providing accessibility for children with physical disabilities. The playground's educational and interactive environment is unlike any other in the region, going beyond the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act to promote complete social inclusion and cooperative play. Common Ground will be located on 23-acres near US 42 and Snider Road in Mason.” Lastly, we made a donation to Women Helping Women. “WHW helps survivors find hope, healing, and empowerment through our confidential support services. We inspire the community to speak out against gender-based violence, and speak up for equal and healthy relationships. We educate and advocate that generations after us grow into change agents to prevent gender-based violence before it ever starts.” For is, Gods Work Our Hands is the fulfillment of the commandment of Love Your Neighbor.


For Salvation Army in Newport, KY Read more

For Salvation Army in Newport, KY


I was inspired and delighted to give GSLC's gracious gift of $100 to The Salvation Army - Newport, Kentucky. I delivered the check in person to the post that is located 2 blocks from my home. I was met by a young neighborhood volunteer at the front desk. She provided me with information about various programs of the SA. One that particularly interested me concerned music for children, events, and special services. Her winning ways convinced me that I should give more of "me" than I had first intended. I plan on contributing my musical skills and personality on a quarterley basis, to start. I am sharing what I have and monies toward meals for special occasions. Blessings, CG


Responding to Global Needs Through Doctors Without Borders Read more

Responding to Global Needs Through Doctors Without Borders

Charles Frank & Jan Goldstein

We watch the news about the plight of people around the world facing war, famine, and epidemics. While we sit in our comfortable houses feeling sad for these unfortunate people, we often tell ourselves that there is nothing we can do to help. We have been impressed with how Doctors Without Borders goes to challenging places in our world to offer help. "In more than 70 countries, Doctors Without Borders is saving lives threatened by violence, disease, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, and catastrophic events every single day." Doctors Without Borders received the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize for their work. The GSLC God's Grace Your Hands gift has prompted to continue supporting the good work of Doctors Without Borders.



Hunger 5K Matthew 25 Read more

Hunger 5K Matthew 25

McLearen Family

We are giving our check to Matthew 25: Ministries and our family is planning to participate in the The Hunger 5k Saturday, November 5th. Proceeds benefit Matthew 25: Ministries’ work with the poorest of the poor and disaster victims in Greater Cincinnati, throughout the U.S., and around the world. The race also kicks off the Hunger 5k Food Drive, which raises food products for local pantries and shelters.


Help For A Friend in Need Read more

Help For A Friend in Need

Adrienne Gordon

I am passionate about believing in people, and knew pretty quickly that I wanted to give the check to an individual person. As I prayed through several weeks, the name of a friend bubbled repeatedly to the surface. I hesitated for various reasons, and went back to God with this question: "who you want me to reach?". The same name came up again and again. I took a leap of faith and surprised her with the check. I knew she faced financial hardships, and had recently received devastating news that would set her back even further. The gift brought her to her knees. With it I shared my prayer experience, including how God placed her name before me over and over. A few days later she told me, "your message was as good as the money". The gifts of prayer and money lifted her heart above the hardship. She is writing a new chapter in life and starting a small business doing what she loves. The check will help, not just for the monetary value, but because it came at a precious time. It served as a sign that God can and will do good things.


Help For Single Mothers in Ultra Poverty Read more

Help For Single Mothers in Ultra Poverty

Heidi Johnson

I was reading a newsletter from the Haitian-Timoun Foundation, and there was a story about their program to help single women/moms in Haiti--supporting them while providing training for a better future. Being a single mom myself, I felt that God was leading me to give the money to them.


Care for ALL People Through Augusta Victoria Hospital Read more

Care for ALL People Through Augusta Victoria Hospital

Pat Badkey and Steve Fahnestock

Steve and I decided to gift the Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) in Jerusalem. AVH is a program of the Lutheran World Federated Department for World Service in Jerusalem. It started in partnership with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) as a major medical facility in Jerusalem after the 1948 war to care for Palestinian refugees. When we visited Israel and Jerusalem in 2013 we were moved by the work this hospital did for all people. It did not matter what faith or nationality a patient was. A patient would be treated by the hospital. This touched us deeply because we believe God's love and care is for all people and this hospital, through its work, really exemplifies that all means all when it comes to God's love and care. We also matched this gift with our own funds. May God continue to bless the work Augustus Victoria Hospital is doing to ease the suffering of people who are often forgotten.


Timely Help For A Friend In Need Read more

Timely Help For A Friend In Need

Sharon Feldstein

My friend is a wonderful person, warm, funny, and kind. Thru the years we have been friends at a distance. He has suffered increasing health issues and has only been able to work very part-time in the past year and a half. Knowing that he is financially vulnerable, I reached out to him with the "God's Grace My Hands' funds. Not knowing how he would react to my offering, we met for coffee and I told him my part in the "God's Work Our Hands" . Gratefully, I can report that he tearfully accepted the gift and told me that last week he had unexpected car expenses that could be covered most of the funds. Thank you Good Shepherd for allowing me to experience this love and grace.



The Sandwich Project and St. Francis Seraph Food Ministries Read more

The Sandwich Project and St. Francis Seraph Food Ministries

Zink family

Our family decided to contribute our gift to the “Sandwich Project” at Sycamore Junior High. 7th and 8th grade students make sandwiches for the bag lunch program at St. Francis Seraph Ministries in OTR. Both our girls have participated in this program with their school sports teams, but this presented an opportunity for our family to learn more about the program and its recipients . We then chose to multiply the gift by also donating directly toward the St. Francis Seraph food ministries, and we plan to volunteer as a family to serve a meal there later this fall or winter as well.


Easing A Burden Read more

Easing A Burden

Ian and Anne Peat

Having received this $250 blessing, Anne and I had much discussion of where to bestow this gift. We wanted to give it to an individual, and decided to ask Pastor Donner for suggestions. He responded with many and the one that struck a cord with us was a Pastor David Ritchie who serves at Reformation Lutheran Church in Columbus. The congregation is small and cannot provide much salary and he is struggling with a huge debt from his seminary training. Anne and I know first hand how much stress this can cause a family. So we decided to double the gift. Needless to say, this is just a drop in the bucket for this burden. We hope that the Holy Spirit may move others to come to his aid.


More Support for FreeStore Read more

More Support for FreeStore

Carolyn M. Kercsmar

I deeply believe that no one, especially no child, in this country should go hungry. The Freestore Foodbank supports a number of area food pantries, including the one at Taft school and the new one at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I donated my check to Freestore Foodbank and matched the $100 amount. Terrific mission project!


Grace For Nawasa Through Compassion International Read more

Grace For Nawasa Through Compassion International

Marsha and Bill McNamara

Bill and I support a girl named Nawasa age 16 through Compassion. She lives with her mon and dad and the rest of her family in Tanzania. We have supported Nawasa since she was 6 years old. Along with the money we give every month, we send her money for Christmas and her birthday. She writes us letters and we write her. We also send pictures back and forth. She and her family are Christians Nawasa also attends a Christian school where she learns about God and Jesus. We sent a family gift of $500.00 A Compassion counselor will meet with her family and decide what are their most urgent needs. They always send us photos of the gifts with Nawasa. They live in poverty and are watched over by Compassion so we know the money will be spent wisely.


Grace for VEIL Read more

Grace for VEIL

Carol and Don Wuebbling

Our goal was to share this wonderful gift with disadvantaged children. We've made our investment of God's grace in the VEIL Ministries at Lord of Life Lutheran in Westchester. Pastora Carmen leads an exciting program that includes bilingual worship services, confirmation classes, Sunday afternoon tutoring in English, a citizenship program, and even support for pregnant moms and moms with children. We feel that sharing God's grace with future citizens seeking God is a good bet!


Multiplying God's Grace Through The Fanconi Anemia Research Foundation Read more

Multiplying God's Grace Through The Fanconi Anemia Research Foundation

Daryn Franzen

After opening the envelope and having a family discussion, we decided to donate our envelope to the Fanconi Anemia Research Foundation ( . Abbey has the diagnosis of Fanconi Anemia, and will need a bone marrow transplant in the future. We decided that any gift we received would be best used to help others with the same diagnosis that do not have the options we do. We are lucky in that as a nurse, I can get a job easily, and we have things like health care insurance. Not all families have those capabilities, and FARF is working towards curing this disease. We figured that by donating our check, this would be the way to multiply Gods gifts to us in the biggest possible way to affect the largest amount of people possible.


Lydia's House Read more

Lydia's House

Kyser Family

Our family decided to give our $100 to Lydia's House. I work with them as their accountant, my son did his Eagle Scout project for them, and we worked with them through last year's God's Work Our Hands volunteer day. They do amazing work for homeless women with children, and we are honored to give them this gift to help them add Christian themed books to their child play area in the home.


A Helping Hand For Families in Need Read more

A Helping Hand For Families in Need

Sandy Thielen

I shared this gift with a very special family in need. They have two 16 year old autistic boys. The mother has thyroid and kidney cancer, the father's job was eliminated after working for the same company for many years and their younger daughter had a melanoma spot remove recently. The evening I met with the mother she cried and said "God never lets you down. God is good". She told me they only had a few dollars and were wondering what they might have for dinner that night. She told her husband not to worry she would figure something out. This family has fallen on some hard times recently. They have always been hard workers and always positive no matter what mountain they have to climb. I never see this mom without a smile and concern for other peoples problems or needs. I had no idea when I decided to gift this family the money how much of a impact it would have on their lives at that very moment. What a blessing. I also matched the church gift for a young couple who recently found out the are adding 3 little additions to their family in the Spring. Already have a 1 year old, dad is the stay at home daddy and mom is the bread winner. They have a small 2 bedroom house and 2 small cars. Mom will be ordered to bed rest fairly soon. They can really use the help. Sending prayers!


Matthew 25 Read more

Matthew 25

doug & margaret stone

Doug & I took our envelope to Matthew 25. I was explaining how the gift came to be etc. As soon as I told her we were given an envelope at our church, she said "Oh, you must be from Good Shepherd". We were the third envelope delivered that day. This was such fun.


The Missy 500 and Princeton Closet Read more

The Missy 500 and Princeton Closet

Doug and Mary Montgomery

When Doug and I received our check for $100 from Good Shepherd we both kinda jumped real quick to donating to Matthew 25 or Camp Luther. Both are wonderful organizations but I suggested we spend a little more time in thought and prayer before donating. After a short time my cousin and a cause dear to her heart came to me. She lost her daughter a few years ago, she died suddenly and was only 44. She went to Princeton High school and always was very generous to a small organization there called Princeton Closet. They collected money, clothes,school supplies etc for underprivileged families in the district. The night before she died, my cousin wrote them a check for $500 and a note saying, “Please let me know if you need more.” So in Missy’s memory every fall we collect school supplies in her name. They call it The Missy 500 and my cousin (her mom) gets a family every Christmas from Princeton Closet to provide food and clothing and Christmas gifts for. So we decided to give our check plus our own matching funds to them so my cousin can have more to spend on her family. Thank you for inspiring us to open our eyes to a great need in the community.


Gratitude for Lutherridge And Their Dedicated Servants Read more

Gratitude for Lutherridge And Their Dedicated Servants

Kathy Schnierle

The gift I received was sent to Lutheridge Camp in Arden, North Carolina. It was given to the new area that is being constructed to honor the ministry of Pastor Tim and Pastor Mary Caniff-Kuhn. They have served the camp as Program Directors for 25 years. Their leadership has inspired and touched the lives of countless campers, counselors and all who have had the privilege of knowing these two wonderful people.


Spreading The Grace Around Read more

Spreading The Grace Around

Ginny Pape

I was thrilled to have this much money to help people in need. I thought of my great grandchildren’s school, and found that several students did not have funds to go to Camp Kern. That was my first donation. Then came the Willow Community, that was the Inkind gift project for SOS WELCA convention. Then a young family in our community lost an infant and needed help. I then paid an overdue hospital bill for a friend. I still had $50. That I just felt God was telling me to hold back. Then I saw our Linda Lalley’s post about a special bike for her son. I knew that was what I was waiting for! I gratefully gave away my funds and thank God, Good Shepherd And Ruth for the privilege.


For Dogs and Cats In Need Read more

For Dogs and Cats In Need

The Hoops Family

After receiving our gift from GSLC, we were pretty quickly informed by our youngest (Harvey, 4) that we needed to give our gift to "puppies and kittens." After hearing this we considered giving it to an animal rescue shelter. The next weekend our daughter (Mia, 8) told us about the ASPCA and how they are working to help pets that were separated from their owners in the Bahamas following the hurricane. It seemed there was a growing desire to help vulnerable animals. After doing some research we identified a nearby "no-kill" shelter and took a trip there to give our gift. After visiting the "Save the Animals Foundation" we decided to return later this month with additional pet food and supplies for their many furry friends.


More Love for Urban Success Read more

More Love for Urban Success

Susan R Berkoben

I was very happy to be able to give my gift to an organization called Urban Success. Urban Success is committed to the rescue of women and children who are living in an environment of abuse, and women who have been placed into human trafficking. Sometimes these women escape with only a bag of personal things or nothing at all. Urban Success receives donations from many sources. They get things like beds, furniture, and appliances. Urban Success helps these women find housing and helps provide them with the basics like food, clothing, household items, and other things they will need to survive.


Grace for The Ronald McDonald House Read more

Grace for The Ronald McDonald House

John and Mary Van Osdol

The GSLC 55+ Club has a speaker at its monthly luncheon. In the September luncheon, Mike from the Ronald McDonald House. They house, feed and provide support to the families with children being treated at Childrens Hospital in Cincinnati. They provide these services at no charge to the families. When asked, he said that the cost to serve dinner to all of the 79 families housed for one day was $400.00. When the God's Grace Your Hands check was given to our members, Mary and I decided that is where we wanted our money to go. On Thursday, October 10, Mary and I drove downtown to visit the "House" and meet with Mike. He showed us around especially the dining area where the families received their meals. We met one of the chefs and many of the volunteers, that day from Xavier University. We presented Mike with the $250.00 check from church and added a $150.00 check from us to provide the cost of one evening's family meal. What wonderful work and services they provide to these families from around the world when a member of their family is in a medical crisis.




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Recent comments

Crystal Cottrill:

Molly & Frank,

Thank you again for your donation to help our annual campaign! Your contribution definitely help fund our camp scholarships and provides us with resources to help strengthen our community.

With Gratitude,


Amanda Hill:

Thank you for honoring your father with this gift to Habitat. 13 homes in his era is quite an accomplishment, and to think of the generations he impacted with his volunteerism is priceless.

Amanda Hill:

Ed shared this story with me, and I just LOVE It. What an impactful gift!

Amanda Hill:

Hospice is such an incredible organization--I'm so glad you chose to support them and their mission!

Amanda Hill:

I am touched by your story, and thank you for raising awareness to such a worthwhile cause.

Bill Lucke:

I have passed that corner several times in the last month. The man is no longer standing there. It is wrong to extrapolate beyond the data, but…

Dianne Gebhardt French:

Lisa, this is a wonderful story about family, connection, and community. Thank you for sharing.

Tracey Long:

Well timing they say is everything- and it seems that the need, your skills and this gift were certainly in God's plan. Prayers of blessing on your hands as you take your skills where they are needed to help those effected by Dorian.

Tracey Long:

What more can I say- your letter was beautiful! Great to hear that Pastor McNickels and the House of Praise so exemplify the intent of the gift that your recipient was an obvious choice. Blessings to their ministry!

Tracey Long:

Addiction has trapped far too many and taken away the abundant life God intends for them- your gift will help bring HIS light to those who are seeking it. May your gift be proof through a time of struggle that God is always there to help.

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