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Help For Single Mothers in Ultra Poverty Read more

Help For Single Mothers in Ultra Poverty

Heidi Johnson

I was reading a newsletter from the Haitian-Timoun Foundation, and there was a story about their program to help single women/moms in Haiti--supporting them while providing training for a better future. Being a single mom myself, I felt that God was leading me to give the money to them.


Care for ALL People Through Augusta Victoria Hospital Read more

Care for ALL People Through Augusta Victoria Hospital

Pat Badkey and Steve Fahnestock

Steve and I decided to gift the Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) in Jerusalem. AVH is a program of the Lutheran World Federated Department for World Service in Jerusalem. It started in partnership with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) as a major medical facility in Jerusalem after the 1948 war to care for Palestinian refugees. When we visited Israel and Jerusalem in 2013 we were moved by the work this hospital did for all people. It did not matter what faith or nationality a patient was. A patient would be treated by the hospital. This touched us deeply because we believe God's love and care is for all people and this hospital, through its work, really exemplifies that all means all when it comes to God's love and care. We also matched this gift with our own funds. May God continue to bless the work Augustus Victoria Hospital is doing to ease the suffering of people who are often forgotten.


Timely Help For A Friend In Need Read more

Timely Help For A Friend In Need

Sharon Feldstein

My friend is a wonderful person, warm, funny, and kind. Thru the years we have been friends at a distance. He has suffered increasing health issues and has only been able to work very part-time in the past year and a half. Knowing that he is financially vulnerable, I reached out to him with the "God's Grace My Hands' funds. Not knowing how he would react to my offering, we met for coffee and I told him my part in the "God's Work Our Hands" . Gratefully, I can report that he tearfully accepted the gift and told me that last week he had unexpected car expenses that could be covered most of the funds. Thank you Good Shepherd for allowing me to experience this love and grace.



The Sandwich Project and St. Francis Seraph Food Ministries Read more

The Sandwich Project and St. Francis Seraph Food Ministries

Zink family

Our family decided to contribute our gift to the “Sandwich Project” at Sycamore Junior High. 7th and 8th grade students make sandwiches for the bag lunch program at St. Francis Seraph Ministries in OTR. Both our girls have participated in this program with their school sports teams, but this presented an opportunity for our family to learn more about the program and its recipients . We then chose to multiply the gift by also donating directly toward the St. Francis Seraph food ministries, and we plan to volunteer as a family to serve a meal there later this fall or winter as well.


Easing A Burden Read more

Easing A Burden

Ian and Anne Peat

Having received this $250 blessing, Anne and I had much discussion of where to bestow this gift. We wanted to give it to an individual, and decided to ask Pastor Donner for suggestions. He responded with many and the one that struck a cord with us was a Pastor David Ritchie who serves at Reformation Lutheran Church in Columbus. The congregation is small and cannot provide much salary and he is struggling with a huge debt from his seminary training. Anne and I know first hand how much stress this can cause a family. So we decided to double the gift. Needless to say, this is just a drop in the bucket for this burden. We hope that the Holy Spirit may move others to come to his aid.


More Support for FreeStore Read more

More Support for FreeStore

Carolyn M. Kercsmar

I deeply believe that no one, especially no child, in this country should go hungry. The Freestore Foodbank supports a number of area food pantries, including the one at Taft school and the new one at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I donated my check to Freestore Foodbank and matched the $100 amount. Terrific mission project!


Grace For Nawasa Through Compassion International Read more

Grace For Nawasa Through Compassion International

Marsha and Bill McNamara

Bill and I support a girl named Nawasa age 16 through Compassion. She lives with her mon and dad and the rest of her family in Tanzania. We have supported Nawasa since she was 6 years old. Along with the money we give every month, we send her money for Christmas and her birthday. She writes us letters and we write her. We also send pictures back and forth. She and her family are Christians Nawasa also attends a Christian school where she learns about God and Jesus. We sent a family gift of $500.00 A Compassion counselor will meet with her family and decide what are their most urgent needs. They always send us photos of the gifts with Nawasa. They live in poverty and are watched over by Compassion so we know the money will be spent wisely.


Grace for VEIL Read more

Grace for VEIL

Carol and Don Wuebbling

Our goal was to share this wonderful gift with disadvantaged children. We've made our investment of God's grace in the VEIL Ministries at Lord of Life Lutheran in Westchester. Pastora Carmen leads an exciting program that includes bilingual worship services, confirmation classes, Sunday afternoon tutoring in English, a citizenship program, and even support for pregnant moms and moms with children. We feel that sharing God's grace with future citizens seeking God is a good bet!


Multiplying God's Grace Through The Fanconi Anemia Research Foundation Read more

Multiplying God's Grace Through The Fanconi Anemia Research Foundation

Daryn Franzen

After opening the envelope and having a family discussion, we decided to donate our envelope to the Fanconi Anemia Research Foundation ( . Abbey has the diagnosis of Fanconi Anemia, and will need a bone marrow transplant in the future. We decided that any gift we received would be best used to help others with the same diagnosis that do not have the options we do. We are lucky in that as a nurse, I can get a job easily, and we have things like health care insurance. Not all families have those capabilities, and FARF is working towards curing this disease. We figured that by donating our check, this would be the way to multiply Gods gifts to us in the biggest possible way to affect the largest amount of people possible.


Lydia's House Read more

Lydia's House

Kyser Family

Our family decided to give our $100 to Lydia's House. I work with them as their accountant, my son did his Eagle Scout project for them, and we worked with them through last year's God's Work Our Hands volunteer day. They do amazing work for homeless women with children, and we are honored to give them this gift to help them add Christian themed books to their child play area in the home.


A Helping Hand For Families in Need Read more

A Helping Hand For Families in Need

Sandy Thielen

I shared this gift with a very special family in need. They have two 16 year old autistic boys. The mother has thyroid and kidney cancer, the father's job was eliminated after working for the same company for many years and their younger daughter had a melanoma spot remove recently. The evening I met with the mother she cried and said "God never lets you down. God is good". She told me they only had a few dollars and were wondering what they might have for dinner that night. She told her husband not to worry she would figure something out. This family has fallen on some hard times recently. They have always been hard workers and always positive no matter what mountain they have to climb. I never see this mom without a smile and concern for other peoples problems or needs. I had no idea when I decided to gift this family the money how much of a impact it would have on their lives at that very moment. What a blessing. I also matched the church gift for a young couple who recently found out the are adding 3 little additions to their family in the Spring. Already have a 1 year old, dad is the stay at home daddy and mom is the bread winner. They have a small 2 bedroom house and 2 small cars. Mom will be ordered to bed rest fairly soon. They can really use the help. Sending prayers!


Matthew 25 Read more

Matthew 25

doug & margaret stone

Doug & I took our envelope to Matthew 25. I was explaining how the gift came to be etc. As soon as I told her we were given an envelope at our church, she said "Oh, you must be from Good Shepherd". We were the third envelope delivered that day. This was such fun.


The Missy 500 and Princeton Closet Read more

The Missy 500 and Princeton Closet

Doug and Mary Montgomery

When Doug and I received our check for $100 from Good Shepherd we both kinda jumped real quick to donating to Matthew 25 or Camp Luther. Both are wonderful organizations but I suggested we spend a little more time in thought and prayer before donating. After a short time my cousin and a cause dear to her heart came to me. She lost her daughter a few years ago, she died suddenly and was only 44. She went to Princeton High school and always was very generous to a small organization there called Princeton Closet. They collected money, clothes,school supplies etc for underprivileged families in the district. The night before she died, my cousin wrote them a check for $500 and a note saying, “Please let me know if you need more.” So in Missy’s memory every fall we collect school supplies in her name. They call it The Missy 500 and my cousin (her mom) gets a family every Christmas from Princeton Closet to provide food and clothing and Christmas gifts for. So we decided to give our check plus our own matching funds to them so my cousin can have more to spend on her family. Thank you for inspiring us to open our eyes to a great need in the community.


Thanks from RAPTOR Read more

Thanks from RAPTOR

Jackie Bray

The staff and volunteers at RAPTOR Inc. wish to express our gratitude to Donna & Tom Farrell and to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for the very generous $500 donation. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of local birds of prey. We rehabilitate over 300 birds of prey annually and deliver over 350 educational presentations each year at schools, libraries, senior centers, and other community events. We strive to cultivate respect for nature, inspire conservation action in our community, and protect raptor habitat. We receive no tax support or public funds and depend on the generosity of our supporters and volunteers to achieve our mission. The donation will provide essential food, medical care and supplies for the birds in our care. We wish to express our sincerest thanks and invite your congregation to visit our facility to see how the money is being spent during our Open House events on the last Sunday of each month (March-November) from 1pm-4pm. The events are fun and free.

Gratitude for Lutherridge And Their Dedicated Servants Read more

Gratitude for Lutherridge And Their Dedicated Servants

Kathy Schnierle

The gift I received was sent to Lutheridge Camp in Arden, North Carolina. It was given to the new area that is being constructed to honor the ministry of Pastor Tim and Pastor Mary Caniff-Kuhn. They have served the camp as Program Directors for 25 years. Their leadership has inspired and touched the lives of countless campers, counselors and all who have had the privilege of knowing these two wonderful people.


Spreading The Grace Around Read more

Spreading The Grace Around

Ginny Pape

I was thrilled to have this much money to help people in need. I thought of my great grandchildren’s school, and found that several students did not have funds to go to Camp Kern. That was my first donation. Then came the Willow Community, that was the Inkind gift project for SOS WELCA convention. Then a young family in our community lost an infant and needed help. I then paid an overdue hospital bill for a friend. I still had $50. That I just felt God was telling me to hold back. Then I saw our Linda Lalley’s post about a special bike for her son. I knew that was what I was waiting for! I gratefully gave away my funds and thank God, Good Shepherd And Ruth for the privilege.


For Dogs and Cats In Need Read more

For Dogs and Cats In Need

The Hoops Family

After receiving our gift from GSLC, we were pretty quickly informed by our youngest (Harvey, 4) that we needed to give our gift to "puppies and kittens." After hearing this we considered giving it to an animal rescue shelter. The next weekend our daughter (Mia, 8) told us about the ASPCA and how they are working to help pets that were separated from their owners in the Bahamas following the hurricane. It seemed there was a growing desire to help vulnerable animals. After doing some research we identified a nearby "no-kill" shelter and took a trip there to give our gift. After visiting the "Save the Animals Foundation" we decided to return later this month with additional pet food and supplies for their many furry friends.


More Love for Urban Success Read more

More Love for Urban Success

Susan R Berkoben

I was very happy to be able to give my gift to an organization called Urban Success. Urban Success is committed to the rescue of women and children who are living in an environment of abuse, and women who have been placed into human trafficking. Sometimes these women escape with only a bag of personal things or nothing at all. Urban Success receives donations from many sources. They get things like beds, furniture, and appliances. Urban Success helps these women find housing and helps provide them with the basics like food, clothing, household items, and other things they will need to survive.


Grace for The Ronald McDonald House Read more

Grace for The Ronald McDonald House

John and Mary Van Osdol

The GSLC 55+ Club has a speaker at its monthly luncheon. In the September luncheon, Mike from the Ronald McDonald House. They house, feed and provide support to the families with children being treated at Childrens Hospital in Cincinnati. They provide these services at no charge to the families. When asked, he said that the cost to serve dinner to all of the 79 families housed for one day was $400.00. When the God's Grace Your Hands check was given to our members, Mary and I decided that is where we wanted our money to go. On Thursday, October 10, Mary and I drove downtown to visit the "House" and meet with Mike. He showed us around especially the dining area where the families received their meals. We met one of the chefs and many of the volunteers, that day from Xavier University. We presented Mike with the $250.00 check from church and added a $150.00 check from us to provide the cost of one evening's family meal. What wonderful work and services they provide to these families from around the world when a member of their family is in a medical crisis.


Spreading Grace Through The Community Read more

Spreading Grace Through The Community

Stephanie Baldwin

My family was shocked to be given the $500 gift to share God's love. We brainstormed a big list as a family of what we thought we could do. In the end, we each picked a cause close to our hearts and delivered that portion in person. My daughter took her portion to Myles Ahead animal rescue. My son gave his portion to the nursing home his grandpa lives in for their holiday party fund. I gave my portion to the custodian at my school who has been saving for a furnace before it gets cold. She cried happy tears to be closer to her goal. The last portion we donated to the Little Miami Conservancy since we enjoy spending time at the river as a family and appreciate their efforts to keeping it clean. My family had such fund delivering our personal donations that we kept the giving going to more people in our community this month. We delivered gifts to school, friends facing illness and signed up for Judy's Joggers. Thanks Good Shepherd for giving my family a chance to work together while having fun and spreading love throughout our community!


In Support of The Brave Dedication of Urban Success Read more

In Support of The Brave Dedication of Urban Success

Nancy Lougheed

Part of our family's journey following the passing of my daughter, Stacey, has been our decision to bless as many people as possible with items as we've gone through her personal and home belongings. A woman at my daughter ,Wendy's, church is very involved in rescuing women from abuse and human trafficking situations as part of the Urban Success organization. They work directly on the streets as part of an amazing network of brave and dedicated individuals many of whom have been rescued themselves from these very situations. These women and their children are protected, taken care of, and helped to set up housing, get jobs, and move to better lives. Paulette, our contact person, has filled her van three times at Stacey's house and will often remark that she knows just who a particular item will go to or that someone just told her they need something we are gifting. When I gave her our check for $100, she hugged me and with tears in her eyes said how perfect because there is a great need to buy food. The organization, Urban Success, is truly a servant organization. The Sunday I received my check at church, I immediately knew where it would go.


Grace for Lutheridge Camp Read more

Grace for Lutheridge Camp

Jen Jarman & Scott Puthoff

Our family of five sat around the dinner table, pondering how we should spend the gift. Everyone had different ideas of where the money should go - how we should share this gift with our community. In the end, we settled on a donation to a place that all of us enjoy going to year after year - Lutheridge Camp in Arden, NC. Lutheridge has been such a wonderful place for our family to connect away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It's also a place to connect with God's love in His Creation. The gift will help other families and youth connect with each other and God, even if they don't have the money to do so.


A Safe Place At Springer School and Center Read more

A Safe Place At Springer School and Center

The Meili family

We donated our gift to the Springer School and Center Scholarship Fund. Springer is a wonderful school for kids with learning disabilities. Our son had the good fortune of being able to attend there. This was such a blessing to him and to our family! We wanted to help another kid have the opportunity to attend there. All of the teachers at Springer are specifically trained in how to help students with learning disabilities. When they graduate from Springer, ALL graduating students have to write a commencement speech and ALL have the opportunity to share their speech. These speeches brought tears to my eyes. Kid after kid talked about how much difference the school had made in their education. They were students who were unable to read prior to attending Springer. And now they were students standing up in front of hundreds of people reading out loud a speech they had written. They talked about being accepted for who they are. They talked about this school as a place safe from the bullying they had received at the school they came from. Each year, Springer does fund raising and gives away over $1 million dollars in scholarships to families who can not afford the school on their own. We were honored to help in a small way someone else have this experience!


More Grace for The Freestore Foodbank Read more

More Grace for The Freestore Foodbank

Joanne L. Reider

I decided to give to one of my favorite charities - Freestore Foodbank. I tried to think how this gracious gift would do the most good. I decided that since one cannot have good health without good food, I would give to the Freestore Foodbank where they provide three meals for every dollar. So the $250. would turn into 750 meals. The Freestore Foodbank also helps to provide some of the food for the Taft Elementary School food pantry of which Good Shepherd supports.


More Grace for Matthew 25 Read more

More Grace for Matthew 25

Arlene Wojcieszak

Thank you for the unique and special opportunity to donate a GSL check of $250 to the charity of my choice. I recently delivered the check along with my own personal check to Matthew 25 Ministries in Blue Ash. When I dropped off the checks at Matthew 25 I saw several discarded GSL envelopes in the waste basket. I felt good knowing our church has helped this worthy charity many times. Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity for our congregation to provide support to many different charities. Sincerely, Arlene Wojcieszak


Green Turtle Cay Foundation Read more

Green Turtle Cay Foundation

Katy Ping

My daughter was married in the Bahamas and lived there for fifteen years. She and David called Green Turtle Cay home. It is a water taxi ride from Abaco. Her children were born in Florida, and were taken back home at six weeks old. They had weathered several hurricanes before moving to Charleston, South Carolina. They kept their home on Green turtle and have many friends there. When the latest hurricane Durian struck the Caribbean, Green Turtle was in line with the eye wall. The eye never passed them so there was no relief. While Abaco was flattened with a wall of water, Green turtle was damaged with the tornadoes in the wall along with the wind and rain. A group in the community has set up a foundation to help with relief on the island. Abaco supplied their electricity and it is not projected to have power for two years. Green turtle would like to create a power source and rebuild their community. I have heard that the school is back in session already. I received a check for $100 and added $200 to it to make a donation to the Green Turtle Cay Foundation.


Supporting Local Needs Through Salvation Army Read more

Supporting Local Needs Through Salvation Army

Mike Scheer

I selected the Cincinnati Salvation Army as the recipient of the check that was entrusted to me. After discussion with my wife and prayerful consideration we decided that we wanted the donation to support local need. The salvation has one of the lowest "cost" for generating donations... meaning that they don't spend money with professional donation solicitors.... much of there money is collected as donations with volunteers with their kettles. We were thus assured that the money would go to those in need.... locally.


Gratitude for The Y Read more

Gratitude for The Y

Frank Wiewandt & Molly Kavanaugh

We all know the basics about the YMCA, but this summer my husband and I became members and got a closer look at all they do to nurture healthy families. We joined the Blue Ash Y and every week saw dozens of children participating in summer camp programs. The boys and girls were swimming, hiking, making crafts and just having fun in the sun. The Y told us that they use donations to fund scholarships for low-income and foster families so all children have access to a safe, fun environment. We decided to double the Good Shepherd contribution because we are blessed to have health insurance that includes Y membership.


Gift for Epilepsy Alliance of Ohio Read more

Gift for Epilepsy Alliance of Ohio

Maggie and Doug Snyder

Epilepsy Alliance Ohio is dedicated to assisting those effected by epilepsy and seizures by providing vital, unduplicated support services to local communities. 100% of the donations stay in the communities served. Their services include: education programs, individual and family counseling, residential group homes, community training and education, support groups, therapeutic camps, school support, vocational day activity programs, advocacy, and their Young Adult Support Network. Epilepsy is a disease of the brain characterized by recurrent seizures, and onset can occur at any age without warning. One in 10 people will suffer a seizure in their lifetime. The Institute of Medicine states 1 in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy at some point in their lives. In America, epilepsy is as common as breast cancer and takes as many lives. Maggie and I have been associated with Epilepsy Alliance of Ohio for almost eight years, as our son, Derek, has suffered from seizures all his life. He is currently a resident in one of four homes supported by Epilepsy Alliance Ohio. Our family has supported their efforts in donation, 5K walks, golf outings and their annual gala. My employer DeanHouston Inc. are corporate supporters as well, in support of fundraising events and volunteer work at the residential homes. It was an easy decision for us to choose Epilepsy Alliance Ohio to share this generous God’s Work, Our Hands donation. Thank you for helping us support this effort.


Insuring The Children Read more

Insuring The Children

Dave & Debbie Dietrichson

Dave sits on the board of a small non-profit, Insuring the Children (ITC)(, a passion of the local insurance community of which Dave was a part for 41 years. ITC is dedicated to the short term goal of reducing child abuse and to the long term goal of eliminating child abuse in our society. We support organizations with similar missions through grants. We received a $100 check. We added $150 to make it a $250 gift which we then gave to a friend at Dave's pre-retirement employer. She in turn wrote a personal check to ITC. Her $250 check will be matched by the company's matching gift program making the total gift $500.


Personal Care Items For Taft Food Pantry Read more

Personal Care Items For Taft Food Pantry

Dean and Sue Matz

Dean and I have and heart for the children at Taft Elementary. Working in the Taft school food pantry has made it clear that personal care items are greatly appreciated by the customers at pantry. So, I asked Naomi, the Taft fifth grade girl that I mentor, to help me with the project and asked what she thought people would most appreciate in a personal hygiene kit. Her top items were shampoo, soap, bandages, deodorant and hand warmers! She knows a lot about cold hands. I was given a $100 check from another member and matched that check so we had $450 to spend. We finalized our shopping list and were able to purchase supplies for 50 personal hygiene kits. Naomi and her sister, Hannah, packed all the personal hygiene bags, each with a first aid kit and a set of hand warmers and placed them in the pantry. Naomi said “ You know, it feels really good to help others.” I asked the girls if they wanted to be the first customers and they each happily carried their own kit home.


Holy Timing and Taking Action Read more

Holy Timing and Taking Action

The Hill Family

The timing of this gift from GSLC that was trusted to our family to spread God's love and grace couldn't have arrived at a better time. Just days before we attended church where the big reveal was to take place surrounding the God's Help, Our Hands campaign for this year, my husband had been approached by a family at his elementary school asking if there were food bags available for the mom and her children that go to the school AND my husband had discovered that a family of students were homeless and living out of their car in the school parking lot. We immediately were asking ourselves what we could do to help, and during the service on that fateful Sunday, God made it clear. I remember having tears fall down my face as Pastor Alex and Pastor Alice shared the checks, because it was as if God was clearly telling us to take action on the child hunger that had hit so close to home just days ago. I've never believed more strongly in God and the Holy Spirit than in that moment. We especially liked the stories of people combining the treasure "check" with time and talent, so in partnership with Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Loveland, who coordinates the local food pantry, we decided to buy the food as well as pack breakfast bags at our house for children that go to school alongside my children so they won't be starving over the weekend. We were able to fill 100 bags, and delivered them today. Additionally, my son had a passionate plea to also contribute to the Alzheimer's Association, in recognition of relatives who have passed away as a result of memory loss. It was fun to see him be aware of giving, and to feel strongly about a cause that I hope he will carry with him as he grows up. We are so proud to be a part of GSLC, and we are beyond grateful for Ruth Grassman for affording our family this opportunity to see God use our hands to spread grace to those that have special meaning in our hearts.


Gratitude from Feed My Sheep Inc. Read more

Gratitude from Feed My Sheep Inc.

Allen sparr

Feed My Sheep, Inc. Liberty The following article appeared in the September newsletter of the Liberty United Methodist Church, Liberty, Kentucky. We want to give a shout out to Good Shepherd Lutheran in Cincinnati for recognizing the need in Casey County and donating a hundred dollars to further our mission. As we continue, we appreciate your donation and need your prayers: "And he said into him, Lord, thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus said into him, Feed my sheep." John 21:15 The Feed My Sheep, Inc., Liberty is in its sixth month of operation and we are blessed by the outpouring of donations to the food deprived in our country. Not only are we serving meals once a week, but we also provide a food (grocery) box once a month for folks who desperately need an extra boost to make food last until the end of the month. Churches and businesses united to contribute food or monies to buy food for the needy. Our church chose to donate canned chicken and every month; the bin of chicken is collected, taken to City Hall, packed by the Ecumenical Council, and distributed to needy families. Currently, we are preparing 30 boxes. The food box includes canned chicken, peanut butter, canned tuna, crackers, canned soup, canned fruit, canned vegetables, pinto beans, cornbread mix, cereal, oatmeal, canned spaghetti and ravioli, and protein bars. The food box is truly a lifesaver for single or disabled parents, elderly people, and alternative parents (grandparents who have found themselves on a fixed income and have custody of grandchildren due to parental neglect or addiction). It is heartwarming and heart-wrenching to drive up to a home, see a little child run out to the car, grab the bag (always say he can carry it), and tear into a box of cereal like it's Christmas. I implore you to take a look, a real look at your neighborhood, your street, your town, your county! We have food poverty in this county. Our children are the most likely to suffer food insecurity and from what we have witnessed, our elderly come in a close second. The food deprivation in this county has tragic effects for all of us. Most of us have no concept of abject hunger and its resulting hopelessness. Let's not forget the social aspect of food delivery: we are the only people who visit these folks, the only people who seem to care about their welfare, the only people who are checking on them! LUMC did our second service at the soup kitchen on August 2nd. We prepared, packed, served, and delivered approximately 400 meals of pork burgers, chips, fruit snacks, peanut butter and crackers snacks, and cookies. We need your participation, your prayers, and your help! All effort is voluntary and every dollar goes for food. Please bring in the chicken and be aware that as cold weather comes closer, we will have a fundraising event, an opportunity for you to support this outreach program. For an opportunity to serve, please call Brother Kevin (606) 448-9746. You can bless someone and be blessed by your service to others. --


Feeding, sheltering and empowering homeless adults and families through Wayside Inn Read more

Feeding, sheltering and empowering homeless adults and families through Wayside Inn

Suszane Gilliland and Mindy Seibert

We gave to the Wayside Inn in North Vernon, Indiana. "The mission of Wayside Inn is to embody the love of Christ by feeding, sheltering and empowering homeless adults and families." Suszane's granddaughter (my niece) and her family have been instrumental in organizing and maintaining this facility. We were thrilled to be given this gift from Good Shepherd that we could share with those in need. Please find out more at: or on Facebook.


Support for Team Falhaber Read more

Support for Team Falhaber

Steve and Debbie Jones

ALS touches SO many lives. Therefore…It was all too easy for Debbie and I to decide to take the $500 check we received and give it to the ALS Central and Southern Ohio Chapter on behalf of Team Falhaber. Before I share with you the story of the wonderful Falhaber family, I need to start about 12 years ago. When GSLC member and close friend Dave Naylor was diagnosed with ALS there was no question that I was going to raise money for ALS and walk on his behalf. Even earlier than his diagnosis… Dave was a source of information and support for our daughter Sarah. During that time she was going through the life-changing decision of where to go to college. Dave’s support and guidance for Sarah had a life-changing effect. Dave (and Mary) have indeed touched our lives. Now… let’s fast-forward to this year… Rick and Leslie Falhaber live in Finneytown (where I have taught for the past 20 years). They raised their three sons in Finnneytown. Their sons are now grown. They have grandchildren as well. They still live in Finneytown, go to church in Finneytown, and are an important part of this small community. Rick retired a few years ago. Leslie is the secretary at Brent Elementary School (where I currently teach). Rick and Leslie have also touched my life. When I was recovering from my heart valve replacement surgery in 2015 it was Rick who brought me a wonderful bouquet of flowers accompanied by a card signed by the Brent staff. Rick was diagnosed with ALS in late 2018. When I found out in the early spring of this year I reached out to Mary Naylor. She and Leslie both told me that they had met at the local ALS chapter support group meeting. Leslie has mentioned many times that their family is so grateful to the many members of the local ALS chapter and the work they do. So, there was no question that I was going to raise money and walk as a part of Team Falhaber this past September 15th. And, of course, I also saw Mary there and, once again, thought of Dave. I want to say that Debbie and I feel so grateful and blessed to pay this $500 check forward to ALS! I gave Leslie and Rick the information that accompanied the check describing God’s Grace Your Hands. I want all of you to know that the Falhaber family was deeply touched by this generosity.


Support for The Hydrocephalus Association Read more

Support for The Hydrocephalus Association

Anne & Buzz

We felt very humbled to receive the check for $250. After prayers and discussion with our children, we decided to give the money to the Hydrocephalus Association for research. Our son Robb, knows a boy at his church with the affliction (water on the brain) and is walking to raise money for research.


Help Out of the Darkness Read more

Help Out of the Darkness

Ann & Jim Richhart

We have endured the pain of losing a son to suicide; so when our daughter mentioned she had signed up for the "Out of Darkness" community walk sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at Sawyer Point Park on October 13th, we felt called to contribute. Our thought is, if even one family could be spared the pain we experienced, it would be a worthwhile contribution.


An Awesome Gift for Safe and Supported Read more

An Awesome Gift for Safe and Supported

Kristin Kalsem

Safe and Supported is a program of Lighthouse Youth and Family Services that provides services for and helps place young people who have become homeless when they told their families that they were lgbtq (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer). More than twenty-five percent of lgbtq youth are “kicked out when they come out.” The director of Safe and Supported was very moved when I explained what Good Shepherd was doing with God’s Work Our Hands. She said the check was coming at the perfect time because all donations are being matched through the end of the year. I am matching the $500 check from Good Shepherd so Safe and Supported will be receiving a $2,000 gift as a result of our church’s generosity. This money will support the mission of Safe and Supported which is: “working to ensure every lgbtq young person has the opportunity to thrive through a safe, permanent, and nurturing home.” It does this not only through its program which arranges host homes for those who have been turned out of their own homes, but also its “faith in family” initiative which works to keep lgbtq youth safe, healthy, and supported within their own families. I first learned about Safe and Supported from one of my law students at the University of Cincinnati College of Law who experienced rejection from her own family when she came out as a lesbian. She volunteered her time to advance the work of Safe and Supported because she understood and wanted to help others who found themselves vulnerable physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She lives in California now and when I reached out to her to let her know about this donation she was thrilled and commented, “your church sounds pretty awesome.” I work with so many lgbtq students in my capacity as a professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Law and a co-director of the Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice. My hope is that Good Shepherd, along with the many other churches who support organizations like Safe and Supported, will help to counter the message that many in the lgbtq community hear—that they have been abandoned by God. I want us to be “awesome” and send an unconditional message of love, acceptance, and inclusion.


Grace Through SmashSMARD & ELL Read more

Grace Through SmashSMARD & ELL

Dianne Gebhardt-French & Gregory S. French

Children bring joy and hope. In the spirit of “God’s Work. Our Hands,” we matched the check and donated half to research dedicated to saving babies from a rare disease. The second half we donated to hands-on help to students, for whom English is not their first language, so they can succeed in Tristate schools and universities. The 501c non-profits are: SmashSMARD (Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress) and the English Language Learning Foundation of Cincinnati (ELL). The faith our neighbors show as grandparents of a baby battling SMARD inspires us. “Brooks the Champ,” as his mom calls this handsome boy with a big smile, has rallied the love and support of every neighbor, friend, and member of his family. We chose ELL as the children of immigrants whose parents and grandparents succeeded because of the support of church and community. We are impressed with the camp experiences, scholarships, mentoring, and tutoring provided by ELL.


Taft Elementary and the Free Store Food Bank Read more

Taft Elementary and the Free Store Food Bank

Anne Miller

Dick and I feel strongly about reducing hunger, especially given the high level of hunger affecting children in our community. For that reason, we considered organizations that work in this area. Last week, after a visit with our adopted classes at Taft Elementary, I was given a tour of the local food pantry at Taft. Freestore Foodbank provides the wonderful variety of food for this pantry, which services families in the neighborhood. It is staffed by GSLC members, led by Bill and Kathy Shuman. When I saw this facility, I decided our gift should go to support the efforts of the Freestore Foodbank.


Operation Give Back Read more

Operation Give Back

Larrick Family

When we received the $250 check from the God’s Grace Your Hands initiative, we immediately thought of Operation Give Back, a local faith based educational charity. Their mission is to strive for educational equity and provide community outreach to students and families in need, inspiring all to realize their full potential and GIVE BACK to society. They serve children K-8 in the Sycamore School District with tutoring support and the geographic area with a Back to School Supply distribution (this year they gave a backpack of supplies to 512 children!) OGB’s other large endeavor is a Christmas Shop where needy families can obtain clothing and toys that they might not be able to provide for their children. They also have a food pantry and assist with sending food home with children in the local schools so they do not go hungry. Our family has supported this charity with school supplies, clothes, toys and participated in fundraisers but receiving a tour when I presented the money highlighted even more ways we can volunteer and support this worthy charity.


A Gift Towards Healthy Lives Through Prospect House Read more

A Gift Towards Healthy Lives Through Prospect House

Sherry Knapp-Brown

I gave the gift to Prospect House, a long term residential treatment center in Cincinnati that serves adult men with drug and alcohol use disorders. They have been in existence for many years and have helped so many men move towards positive, healthy and productive lives. The organization relies on government grants and charitable gifts from members of the community. They operate "on a shoestring" and always need help in meeting their financial needs.


Gift of Grace for Whiz Kids Read more

Gift of Grace for Whiz Kids

Bob and Koben Hinman

Koben and I donated our Good Shepherd check of $100.00 to Whiz Kids, the tutoring arm of City Gospel Mission. I am a Whiz Kid's tutor in South Lebanon, Ohio In addition we also gifted Whiz Kids an additional $200.00 for a total donation of $300.00. Our tutoring sessions start in October and go through April each year. We spend an hour per week helping these kids get up to their grade standards and in many cases we increase their reading scores in the upper level of their current grade. This program helps students in 1-4th grade and with our many volunteers we have over 60 students enrolled in Whiz Kids in South Lebanon alone. This program is in dozens of School Districts in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Our leader is Susan Simendinger. The Whiz Kid program is constantly growing and it is based on our Adopt a Class program except it is more for individual needs. Also Susan is part of Joshua's Place a non profit organization designed to help economically challenged people in South Lebanon, Ohio. Koben and I are proud of using the Grassman's Funds from Good Shepherd Lutheran for outreach programs throughout our foot print. Robert and Koben Hinman


Thanks From The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio Read more

Thanks From The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio

Epilepsy Alliance Ohio

Dear Good Shepherd, On behalf of the Epilepsy Alliance Ohio, I would like to than you for your generous gift... We appreciate your support of our agency. Your donation will be of assistance in supporting the numerous vital and unmatched programs offered by the Epilepsy Alliance Ohio which include: Community Education (accredited seminars, in-service, health fairs, information, and Referrals by phone, email or in person); Social Rehabilitation Programs; Counseling services and a Day Activity Program for adults with epilepsy to name a few. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and know that you have made a positive difference in the lives of so many of the people that we serve!

Dream Big - READ in North College Hill Read more

Dream Big - READ in North College Hill

North College Hill City Schools

North College Hill City School District’s Trojan Way Learning Center has been blessed with a donation from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for $500 and a matching donation of $500 from Marvin Kolodzik. The donations will be used to create a library center for the students called “Dream Big - READ”. This gift is one that will continue giving for many years to come. Reading is a life-changing agent, it has been shown to increase empathy and emotional intelligence along with supporting healthy brain functions throughout a person’s life. Thank you very much, Good Shepherd and Marvin for you donation for the "Dream Big- Read" center at the Trojan Way Learning Center. Your gift has the potential to change young people's lives for many years.


Restoring Raptors Read more

Restoring Raptors

Donna & Tom Farrell

Raptors is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Their only funding is from donations and membership dues. Several people give of their time to rescue, rehab, and work towards releasing these birds back into their natural habitat. Their purpose in life is to be birds of prey and help control their environment which helps us also. Some who can't survive on their own live at Raptors. Tom and I went there Sunday, we met a lot of the members, saw beautiful Hawks,eagles, owls and vultures. We spoke about Good Shepherd and shared our mission with them, they gladly accepted the check.


With Gratitude for Compassionate Care Read more

With Gratitude for Compassionate Care

Heidi Johns

I gave my check, plus an extra $300 to Regional Hospice in Ironwood, MI. Both of my parents were in the care of this Hospice during the last weeks of their lives. They received compassionate care in those days and as a family we were very grateful. In my years in ministry I have witnessed what a blessing hospice care is to many, many families. I appreciate their focus on dignity, pain management and deepening relationships.




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Recent comments

Crystal Cottrill:

Molly & Frank,

Thank you again for your donation to help our annual campaign! Your contribution definitely help fund our camp scholarships and provides us with resources to help strengthen our community.

With Gratitude,


Amanda Hill:

Thank you for honoring your father with this gift to Habitat. 13 homes in his era is quite an accomplishment, and to think of the generations he impacted with his volunteerism is priceless.

Amanda Hill:

Ed shared this story with me, and I just LOVE It. What an impactful gift!

Amanda Hill:

Hospice is such an incredible organization--I'm so glad you chose to support them and their mission!

Amanda Hill:

I am touched by your story, and thank you for raising awareness to such a worthwhile cause.

Bill Lucke:

I have passed that corner several times in the last month. The man is no longer standing there. It is wrong to extrapolate beyond the data, but…

Dianne Gebhardt French:

Lisa, this is a wonderful story about family, connection, and community. Thank you for sharing.

Tracey Long:

Well timing they say is everything- and it seems that the need, your skills and this gift were certainly in God's plan. Prayers of blessing on your hands as you take your skills where they are needed to help those effected by Dorian.

Tracey Long:

What more can I say- your letter was beautiful! Great to hear that Pastor McNickels and the House of Praise so exemplify the intent of the gift that your recipient was an obvious choice. Blessings to their ministry!

Tracey Long:

Addiction has trapped far too many and taken away the abundant life God intends for them- your gift will help bring HIS light to those who are seeking it. May your gift be proof through a time of struggle that God is always there to help.

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