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Help For A Neighbor in Panama. Read more

Help For A Neighbor in Panama.

The Hettich Family

Over the past few weeks, we have spent quite some time as a family to discuss and listen to where God is calling us to help with the very generous “God’s Grace YOUR Hands” gift we received on behalf of someone in need. We lived in Panama City, Panama for many years. During our time there, we were able to witness good economic, social and political progress for the country overall. However, we were always aware of the extremely difficult life circumstances and hardships many Panamanian families still face today. We therefore decided to reach out to the Tatare congregation of the Iglesia de Cristo en Panama, and shared with them Good Shepherd's “God’s Grace YOUR Hands” blessing. We asked them to let us know where God was calling them. Please feel free to google the Iglesia de Cristo en Panama and the Tatare congregation (also on facebook). The Tatare church council met, and they discussed Good Shepherd’s “God’s Grace YOUR Hands” blessing. They decided to help one of their members with the most urgent need - the Franco family. The Franco family, originally from the ngäbe-buglé comarca in the province of Veraguas, Panama, is currently being supported by the Tatare congregation. Mr. Franco recently lost his work when his employer of many years “closed down”. Mr. Franco not only lost his employment, but at the same time the Franco family lost their “home”, since the employer had also provided living space for the family. We sent our gift of $500 plus $250 to our contacts in the Tatare Church Council.


Hurricane Relief Through Matthew 25 Read more

Hurricane Relief Through Matthew 25

Marlyn and Susie Seehafer

We felt we could reach the most people with an immediate need by giving the money to Matthew 25 . The recent severe weather in various areas created an unbelievable need. Matthew 25 is setup to meet these needs and requires $$$ and other resources to do so.


Thanks and Warm Regards from The ALS Association Read more

Thanks and Warm Regards from The ALS Association

The ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio Chapter

I am writing with great thanks to let you know that your parishioner, Mary Naylor has "paid it forward" by donating $500 she rec'd from the church, provided through a legacy gift - - I gather from Mary's letter to us -- to our Chapter. Mary is a long-time friend of our Chapter, and we first came to know her through her husband's diagnosis with ALS and their subsequent joining of our Chapter to receive multiple services. Although Dave has been gone for several years now, Mary continues to provide monthly volunteer support at our Cincinnati Support Group. She is also an active fundraiser, participating each year in our Cincinnati Walk to Defeat ALS on "Team Remember", for individuals who have already lost their loved one to ALS. Money raised at the Walk to Defeat ALS - -where her donated $500 was applied -- will go toward serving people in Greater Cincinnati with ALS. We do that by providing a licensed social worker to provide case management, assist on the ALS clinical team at UC, facilitate monthly support groups and loan out much-needed medical equipment - and it is all FREE OF CHARGE to the patient and family. We receive no funding from the government, so we very much appreciate the chance to receive these monies to go toward our mission..To discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest. Many thanks for providing these monies to your parishioners to pass on to others who may need it more -- Mary has certainly done this in choosing to support those diagnosed with this dreadful disease - ALS. Thanks and warm regards


Thanks from NEEDS Read more

Thanks from NEEDS

Carol Topp

I'm the treasurer for NEEDS, North East Emergency Distribution Services, a food pantry and emergency financial assistance charity that serves our neighbors in north east Cincinnati. NEEDS was honored to receive a $100 donation from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church via Carroll Grimes. Mr Grimes is a former volunteer for NEEDS, doing shopping trips to buy food for our pantry. Since he can no longer drive, he served NEEDS in this very tangible way. We appreciate his years of volunteering and his compassionate heart for our neighbors in need. The donation will go to help families with an emergency financial need for rent or utilities. And it will go toward buying perishable fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy to feed families. Good Shepherd and Carroll are helping NEEDS be the hands of Jesus in our city. Thank you!


The Gift of Music: A Resource For Life Read more

The Gift of Music: A Resource For Life

Bill and Kathy Shuman

We (Bill and Kathy) were ecstatic to receive a $500 check from GSLC God’s Grace, Your Hands. Since moving to Cincinnati, one of our primary passions is supporting Taft Elementary School. At the Taft open house this year, Mr. Larken, the music/art teacher, expressed a dream of obtaining recorders and boom whackers for his classrooms. Before receiving the check, we were struggling to find a way to raise the amount of money needed to meet that dream. (Typically, music classrooms are not as well supplemented financially as classrooms.) Recorders are woodwind instruments that provide a relatively easy way to introduce students to a musical instrument and teach them how to read music and learn about sound and pitch. Boom whackers are lightweight, hollow, color-coded plastic tubes, each tuned to a musical pitch by length; they are part of the percussion family and sound much like a xylophone. Students use them in groups, much like a bell choir. The $500 check, supplemented with Thrivent-action-team-grant excess funds and personal contributions, allowed us to purchase a recorder, case and fingering chart for every student in grades 3 through 6, as well as 4 sets of boom whackers. Needless to say, Mr. Larken and the students are thrilled, as exhibited by the photos below. Music stimulates the mind, elevates one’s mood and brings joy; along with its academic benefits, it can get students excited or help them be calm and relaxed. Music is a resource for life!


Thanks from Indian River Scholarship Fund. Read more

Thanks from Indian River Scholarship Fund.

Indian River Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your wonderful support of Indian River State College. Per your request, these funds will be placed in the Scholarship fund. Thank you for your generous support of education in our community.


Thanks from Magnified Giving Read more

Thanks from Magnified Giving

Magnified Giving

On behalf of the Magnified Giving's Student Philanthropy Program and all our recipients, we thank you for your generous gift! You, along with other donors, teachers and community partners help us educate, inspire and engage over 4000 students from over 100 schools who award grants to local nonprofit organizations. Because of this support, students were able to grand over $177,000 in 2019-- the most that has ever been granted in a single school year! You have an impact on these students and the social causes that matter to them! Thank You and God Bless!


Gratitude from Exotic Animal Rescue Read more

Gratitude from Exotic Animal Rescue

Noah's Lost Ark Exotic Animal Rescue

Noah's Lost Ark is home to over 150 Animals, many rescued from abuse, abandonment, or other deplorable conditions. We never breed, sell, or lend out our animals. Our promise to them is a safe, healthy, permanent home for the rest of their lives. They receive good quality good, premium veterinary care, and room to roam and play. This is all made possible by caring people such as yourself. We deeply appreciate your support and could not do it without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Gratitude for Regional Hospice Services Read more

Gratitude for Regional Hospice Services

Regional Hospice Services

We wanted to Thank you for the "gift of grace" to our Ironwood office. Pastor Heidi Johns mentioned being drawn to the memories of her parents, Kenneth and Bertha Johns, who were both cared for by Regional Hospice. It is through donations from wonderful people lie you that help us continue to do the work that we do. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.


For Families In Need In Liberty, KY. Read more

For Families In Need In Liberty, KY.

Lisa Edwards

I gave my gift to Liberty United Methodist Church in Liberty, KY about 350 miles away. Liberty is a very small farm community where my grandmother (who lived to be 100 btw) was from & where my dad grew up. 100% of the kids in the School System there are on Free Lunch. The Methodist Church works w/ other churches in the area for a Free Family Night Potluck called "Feed My Sheep" for area residents & also gives away a food bag to each family in need. They rely strictly on donations. There is no FreeStore or Foodbank in the area like we have in Cincinnati.


To Do Best for Children, Youth, and Their Families... Read more

To Do Best for Children, Youth, and Their Families...

Wayne & Kathy Pieper

When we opened our envelope and saw the check was for $500 Kathy and I both got very emotional. We felt blessed, honored, and proud of our church and the decision they made to put us in a wonderful position to make a difference. As much as we would love to participate in many of the church functions, timing is not always on our side, so we felt this was a wonderful opportunity to give back. We wanted the donation to impact foster children so with the help of our niece we chose the National Youth Advocate Program which is where she works. The NYAP commitment is to do best for children, youth and their families and have an abiding faith that every person has an innate ability to learn, grow and develop. They do this thru four different categories: Prevention/Intervention, Positive Youth Development, Out-of-home-Placement, and Reunification/Permanency. So our prayers and hopes are, thanks to Good Shepherd's donation, that we can make a helpful impact to someone's young life.


With Gratitude for Boys Town Read more

With Gratitude for Boys Town

Erika Thiele

(From a Letter Written to Boys Town) Dear Reverend Boes, Enclosed, please find a $500 gift to Boys Town. During a recent Sunday church service our congregation learned about “God’s Work Our Hands, God’s Grace Your Hands” and were given checks ...

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Thanks from Matthew 25 (We have received a few of these so far!) Read more

Thanks from Matthew 25 (We have received a few of these so far!)

Matthew 25

Dear Friends, Thank you for your support of Matthew 25. Your Gifts will help us care for those in desperate need. Matthew 25: Ministries is responding to Hurricane Dorian. Dorian swept into the Bahamas as a Category 5 hurricane causing severe flooding, destroying property, and leaving tens of thousands in desperate need of assistance. Matthew 25 is airlifting supplies into the Bahamas as an initial step to get help to the hardest hit areas. Thank you for making our work possible. Read the full Thank You Letter by clicking the Photo.


Peaches Bully Rescue Read more

Peaches Bully Rescue

Brenda Fuentes

Our family came home after receiving a $250 check and made a long list of worthy causes to which we could donate during our Sunday family meeting. Two weeks later, we discussed the options and voted. We donated ...

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Supporting Women & Girls Read more

Supporting Women & Girls

The Teeters Family

We chose to support a cause near to Jillian's heart, The Hamilton County Commission on Women and Girls. The Commission does not receive any governmental funding and is run entirely by volunteers. It was formed to give women a ...

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Sharing A "Smile Bag" Read more

Sharing A "Smile Bag"

Bea family

We wanted our kids to be a part of our project and learn the impact of giving rather than receiving. We took a trip to Target and the kids went shopping. We filled 20 bags with toys, books, socks, and snacks for local kids. We keep some in our car at all times and if we come across a good opportunity, our kids get to give out a "Smile Bag." They have truly learned how wonderful it feels to share our resources and give to others in need.


Grace & Clean Water Read more

Grace & Clean Water

Mike and Sharon Norris

We added to the check from Good Shepherd to purchase one emergency water filtration system through Lutheran World Relief.


Grace Through Auto Repair Read more

Grace Through Auto Repair

Paul and Jan Zinnecker

The owner of the shop where we take our cars (Burton's) often helps cover the cost of repairs or offers "new used" cars at a good price to people who cannot otherwise afford them. Cars are usually a necessity to get to work, but they are so expensive to maintain, and we know Dwayne deals fairly and compassionately with his customers, many times taking a loss. We matched the gift we received and presented the checks to him, and he was truly surprised and touched that we would offer this gift. He said there are always those who are having trouble paying to maintain their cars, and he would be able to help even more with the gift.


Hurricane Relief Through Matthew 25 Read more

Hurricane Relief Through Matthew 25

Jerry and Dee Fick

After much thought we passed the check on to Matthew 25: Ministries and asked that they use this to help their Bahamas/Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts. There are many thousands of people there who have lost everything and need help with the most basic needs. Thanks to Good Shepherd for this program - it is obviously helping many people both locally and around the world.


On Track & Resolute Read more

On Track & Resolute

First Lutheran Church

First Lutheran Cincinnati was contacted by a Good Shepherd household offering to donate their $250 "God's Grace Your Hands" gift along with a $250 match. We offered two $500 ideas that would provide an immediate benefit to our ministry. One was to purchase new furnishings for our nursery and the other was to purchase needed furnishings for our Gallery. Rather than choose one, the GSL members decided to fund both ideas. That means the $250 became $1,000! Thank you Good Shepherd for stepping out in faith with "God's Grace Your Hands"! In Christ's Grace, Pastor Brian Ferguson


God-sent Inspiration Read more

God-sent Inspiration

Karen & Peter

Cincinnati certainly has its share of homelessness and hunger. With that fact as backdrop we puzzled over the WHERE to share our gift for some time. We won't forget the local folks like City Gospel Mission, but today we are responding to some God-sent inspiration which ...

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A Place to Stay When it is Needed Most Read more

A Place to Stay When it is Needed Most

Edward Slater

This week the Center for Respite Care ( received a $100 donation along with a letter from the couple, members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, explaining the God's Grace Your Hands program. How wonderful! The Center is a 24/7, 20 bed medical facility. Our clients are people experiencing homelessness, have had a stay in the hospital and need a place to recover after discharge. Along with medical support, meals and other needs, we provide ongoing case management to ensure our clients leave us for a safe, appropriate and permanent setting. On behalf of them, our sincere thanks for the generous gift and the opportunity to share the Center's story.


Grace for Fernside Read more

Grace for Fernside

Delores Engebrecht

Delores Engebrecht shared her $100 check, which she matched to Fernside. She reports that her granddaughter had designed and sewed some "hero capes" for young clients. Here is a little bit about Fernside's Mission: Fernside, established in 1986, as the nation's second oldest children's grief center, remains today a national leader in providing grief support services and outreach and education to the community and families. An affiliate of Hospice of Cincinnati, Fernside services compliment Hospice of Cincinnati's comprehensive bereavement program by addressing the unique needs of children. Fernside provides all services free of charge with the help of generous donors who support our mission.


Impacting Community Through NEEDS Read more

Impacting Community Through NEEDS

This gift was given to the NEEDS organization, the Monday following the Sunday when these checks were distributed. Deciding factors were outreach to impact community not only with pantry and clothing basics, but also to lend assistance towards utility and rent payments. the latter has become a recent frequent and numerous request. Two volunteers with whom I met where very appreciative and planned to direct this check to their treasurer.


Grace Through ELCA Good Gifts Read more

Grace Through ELCA Good Gifts

Doubling the check I received, I was able to buy a fish farm, honeybees and a community vegetable garden, and 30 chicks through the Good Gifts catalog of the ELCA - one of my favorite charities.


Resources For New Homeowners Read more

Resources For New Homeowners

I spoke with Ed Lee from Cincinnati Habitat and we are using this money to sponsor five families for $50 each to take Ramsey's Financial Peace University program. Habitat reports good responses from new homeowners and potential homeowners about this program and the resources, skills and tools it offers regarding money management. Pat and I are long time supporters, both financially and with volunteer efforts, of the mission and vision of Habitat in providing stable housing for all people.


Building on Grace Read more

Building on Grace

Karin Schneider

Sitting in the pew at Good Shepherd as Pastor Heidi discussed God's Grace Your Hands, I immediately knew I would continue to support the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. More than...

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Thanks from The Anglican Relief Fund Read more

Thanks from The Anglican Relief Fund

The Anglican Relief Fund

Thank you for your generous contribution! You are a blessing! ARDF endeavors to tell the story of God's love to all the people who receive either relief assistance from disasters or education, medical, and vocational training assistance with projects funded through the local church. ARDF funded projects and assistance--while they are tangible indeed-- are given for the purpose of revealing the enduring, eternal love of God. God's peole are helping God's people through the local church. Your donations are for eternal purposes. Thank you, we value your partnership in the Gospel.


Thanks from A Child's Hope Int'l Read more

Thanks from A Child's Hope Int'l

A Child's Hope Int'l

On behalf of A Child's Hope Int'l, we would like to thank you and your congregation for your donation of $100 to the "Where Needed" program. We are honored to be a recipient of your God's Grace your Hands program (and love the little post-it note!) Across 21 countries in North America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, A Child's Hope Int'l is working with orphans and vulnerable children. Our Goal is to bring a tangible hope to the fatherless in our own city and around the world through the provision of high protein food, clean drinking water, life giving hope, and a place to belong in a forever family.


Thanks from East End Adult Education Center Read more

Thanks from East End Adult Education Center

East End Adult Education Center

Thank you so very much for your generous donation of $250 to The East End Adult Education Center. We really appreciate your support! We are in our 47th year of offering our programs to the community and are really trying to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. As we touch the lives of our students, we see more and more that without a high school diploma or a GED Diploma, the doors to a career or college are closed. Many of our students have learning disabilities and have never had a positive experience in school. We strive to change this everyday!


Thank from Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center Read more

Thank from Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center

Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center

Your gift is already helping make an impact! "But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth."-- 1John 3:17-18 Thank you for your generous gift of $500 to valley Interfaith Community Resource Center. Your kindness supported programs assisting our neighbors who are experiencing extreme episodes of poverty.


Thanks from the Freestore Read more

Thanks from the Freestore

Freestore FoodBank

Thank you for your generous gift of $100 from Good Shepherd Lutheran. Your donation helps provide emergency food and stability-building services to our neighbors in need. Our generous donors make it possible for Freestore Foodbank to continue to serve over 33 million meals annually across 20 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.


Thanks From Engineering Missionary Read more

Thanks From Engineering Missionary

Natalie Thompson

Dear Good Shepherd, This week I received a gift of grace from one of your members. Currently I am raising support to do Engineering as mission in developing countries. I have been asked to help in the Bahamas with hurricane relief. So your gift was very timely. Thank you for blessing me and my work. In Christ, Natalie Thompson.


Help For Fire Fighters in Anderson Read more

Help For Fire Fighters in Anderson

Howard Lundeberg

We thought long and hard about our responsibility to share this gift and try to make a difference in our community. All the big charities go to a good cause but would be pretty lost in the large volume of donations they receive. We finally decided to go to our local fire station to see if there were any fire fighters in our area that needed a helping hand. The Anderson fire fighters have a foundation to help with memorials and aid for fire fighters that need help with food or rent right here in our home area. The whole station was outside training when I walked up and explained what I was there for. They all were grateful and appreciative of our gift and we feel it will go to the right people's needs.


Thanks From #barbsbeanies Read more

Thanks From #barbsbeanies

Barb's Beanies

Dear Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Thank you so very much for your kind and generous donation to Barb's Beanies! On March 1, 2019 my mother Barb Fisher was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That date changed our family forever. In spite of what felt like a tragedy, our family discovered many wonderful lessons about caring for others, finding joy in the midst of crisis and the gift of giving back. After her cancer diagnosis, Barb was determined to fight her cancer and get well. She was ready for chemotherapy but worried about losing her hair. My daughter and I scoured the internet for a hair scarf to make her smile, but nothing felt right. My daughter Aleia is an amazing seamstress and was taught to sew by her Grandma Barb...

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#barbsbeanies Read more


Kathleen Peterson

On the Sunday our family was given a blank check for $250 and instructions to donate it however we chose, we went home a little shocked and very excited. We thought and talked and prayed about who to give this unexpected gift to. We chose Barb's Beanies, a small group in Rochester, Minnesota who are working tirelessly to make beautiful beanies to give away to cancer patients. The group was founded in honor of a tremendous lady who is fighting ovarian cancer. She is inspiring in so many ways, and we are so grateful to Good Shepherd for allowing us this opportunity to help this worthy group. #barbsbeanies


Relief Through Matthew 25 Ministries Read more

Relief Through Matthew 25 Ministries

Barbara A Watson

I decided to give my gift to Matthew 25 because I felt they could make that donation be beneficial to the disaster relief in the Bahamas. As I went to the window to give them this gift - a wonderful feeling entered my body that made such an impact on me! It just felt so good to know I was helping someone - God's work Our Hands feeling - it was great!


With Gratitude For The Center for Addiction Treatment Read more

With Gratitude For The Center for Addiction Treatment

Roy and Erlys Johnson

We chose to donate our check from GSLC along with matching funds to The Center for Addiction Treatment. 2 1/2 years ago our son was in need of their help. They were there with love, care and guidance, supporting him and us. This center is truly a lifesaver for so many struggling with addiction.


Grace and Healing Through Doctors Without Borders Read more

Grace and Healing Through Doctors Without Borders


We shared a God’s Grace Your Hands check with Good Shepherd member, Emma Fitz who is a student at OSU. Emma had the amazing opportunity last summer to travel to Kumasi, Ghana to volunteer and shadow with OSU's Doctors Without Borders club. For the summer of 2020 she has been chosen as co-director for another study abroad trip through this organization—this time to Sri Lanka! The God’s Grace Your Hands check will go into a fund to support Emma as she expands her knowledge of International medicine. She will be shaped by this experience, and by her love for God—the gift will be multiplied many times over in her life and the lives that she touches. We are so proud of Emma!


Grace Magnified Read more

Grace Magnified

Ron and Betsy Schapp

Several years ago we met Roger Grein who is now living with us at Twin Lakes. He is a remarkable man. He was born with cerebral palsy and was adopted by his parents at 6 months. Doctors told them that he was unlikely to ever walk or talk. His parents taught him never to accept the the limitations others put on him. He experienced many setbacks but never gave up. He graduated from UC with a degree in Finance in 3 years and built a very successful accounting business. About ten years ago he had an idea to teach children to "GIVE BACK " and launched a program for high school students called "Magnified Giving" It is now in over 100 High and Junior high schools in Ohio and Kentucky and growing. In 2018-2019, 100 schools, 4200 students, awarded $174,000 to 129 charities. In 11 years 23,000 students have participated in the philanthropy program and awarded $878,790 to community charities. With our gift and Betsy's former employer's contribution to to Magnified Giving, Good Sheperd's gift has truly been Magnified. Thank you Good Shepherd for this wonderfull program.


Support, Research, and A Helping Hand Read more

Support, Research, and A Helping Hand


My daughter and I received the $500 check from God’s Work. Our Hands 2.0 - God’s Grace. Your Hands. What a surprise! This is how we used the $500 gift... First of all, my daughter wanted to donate money to her 92 year old grandfather to use towards his medication and groceries for this month. In addition to donating money to my daughter’s grandfather, we donated to The Whole Foods School Supply Program for local schools in need; The Cure Starts Now; The Cornell Lab of Ornithology; and The American Lung Association.

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Blessing an Engineering Missionary Read more

Blessing an Engineering Missionary

Natalie Thompson

I am currently raising support to be a full time missionary with Engineering Ministries International (EMI). We are serving Christian organizations around the world with our engineering skills. Most recently I have been called to serve with Samaritan's Purse in the Bahamas. This gift came so unexpectedly, I know it is from God. Thank you for blessing me and my ministry. I pray that I will be able to serve the poor and have you as part of my journey.

Mission Support for House of Praise, Cincinnatti Read more

Mission Support for House of Praise, Cincinnatti

Marty and Patty Stewart

We are acquainted with a man named Lawrence McNickles who is a full time pastor at a local church near Colerain Avenue and also a full time therapist for Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services. Lawrence lives the mantra every day , between his church and job: God's Grace, Your Hands. When we were given the opportunity to offer this gift to someone we both thought of Lawrence and his church. Here is the letter that was enclosed with the check to Lawrence's church:

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Helping Towards Recovery Read more

Helping Towards Recovery

Grant & Sandi Wearne

The Center for Addiction Treatment on Ezzard Charles is a non profit agency where patients have access to both residential and intensive outpatient services. In an effort to meet increasing needs for addiction treatment, CAT recently added a second building to its campus. We chose to donate our $250 check from Good Shepherd plus a $25 personal check to this agency to support their efforts in guiding & supporting people toward recovery from their addictions.


Grace For The Next Step Read more

Grace For The Next Step


I've known "Rick" for over a year and a half. We met when I was working at a drug and alcohol treatment center. While I was never officially his case manager, we would often talk and eventually became friends. Rick is in recovery from opioid addiction and has been clean for over two years. He is nearing the end of his time with the center and has fulfilled his requirements with the justice system. Rick is ready to make a step out on his own, but needed some money in the bank for the transition. When I gave him the check...

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Some Help Over The Hump Read more

Some Help Over The Hump

Roger and Belinda Perna

For the past three years we have been actively involved with the VEIL ministry, being tutors for the Homework Club on Sunday afternoons during the school year, assisting with the Summer Reading Program, and serving on the Board. And more recently, we became godparents for one of the VEIL youth. When we received the God’s Work Our Hands check of $100, we decided to match that amount and give the monies to Pastora Carmen to put in the VEIL discretionary fund. She, in turn, is going to give that money to one of the families who is in particular need of additional funds. To have helped even one family over a bit of a hump, to have helped them breathe a bit easier financially, is to have shared God’s grace.


Answered Prayers Read more

Answered Prayers

Virginia Dunchus

There are not enough words to say what this donation meant to me. It could not have come at a better time. Due to circumstances beyond my control , I needed money to pay my rent and electric bill. I prayed to God to help me find a way to pay these bills. I truly consider this a miracle and certainly God's answers to my prayers. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH TO GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH AND TO WALT ANDERSON . Virginia Dunchus


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Recent comments

Crystal Cottrill:

Molly & Frank,

Thank you again for your donation to help our annual campaign! Your contribution definitely help fund our camp scholarships and provides us with resources to help strengthen our community.

With Gratitude,


Amanda Hill:

Thank you for honoring your father with this gift to Habitat. 13 homes in his era is quite an accomplishment, and to think of the generations he impacted with his volunteerism is priceless.

Amanda Hill:

Ed shared this story with me, and I just LOVE It. What an impactful gift!

Amanda Hill:

Hospice is such an incredible organization--I'm so glad you chose to support them and their mission!

Amanda Hill:

I am touched by your story, and thank you for raising awareness to such a worthwhile cause.

Bill Lucke:

I have passed that corner several times in the last month. The man is no longer standing there. It is wrong to extrapolate beyond the data, but…

Dianne Gebhardt French:

Lisa, this is a wonderful story about family, connection, and community. Thank you for sharing.

Tracey Long:

Well timing they say is everything- and it seems that the need, your skills and this gift were certainly in God's plan. Prayers of blessing on your hands as you take your skills where they are needed to help those effected by Dorian.

Tracey Long:

What more can I say- your letter was beautiful! Great to hear that Pastor McNickels and the House of Praise so exemplify the intent of the gift that your recipient was an obvious choice. Blessings to their ministry!

Tracey Long:

Addiction has trapped far too many and taken away the abundant life God intends for them- your gift will help bring HIS light to those who are seeking it. May your gift be proof through a time of struggle that God is always there to help.

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